Michgan Fireplaces

Having a properly built fireplace is essential to ensure proper smoke ventilation when having a fire in your home. We are Michigan fireplace experts who specialize in the building of fireplaces, fireplace re-facing, and fireplace chimney repair for years in Oakland County, MI.

We can help you create a warming environment with our properly constructed masonry fireplaces. During Michigan’s cold winters having a fireplace that is built correctly is critical. We can supply a specialized fireplace contractor for your fireplace needs.
Need a Michigan fireplace insert? We can supply a specialized fireplace contractor for your Michigan fireplace insert.
For A Fireplace Chimney Inspection or Chimney Cleaning Call 
The leading Michigan fireplace and chimney company.
Chimney cleaning in Michigan is the same as chimney cleaning anywhere else; it is the removal of dangerous creosote build-up on the inside of the chimney. These deposits are highly flammable and are the cause of a great many fireplace chimney fires. Having a poorly built fireplace can also lead to chimney fires, or improper drafting.
A brick fireplace must be constructed with the utmost care. Fire brick must be laid strict tolerances