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Having a poorly built fireplace can also lead to chimney fires, or improper drafting.A brick fireplace must be constructed with the utmost care. Fireplace Fire brick must be laid strict tolerances to insure proper drafting. We have been building fireplace in Oakland county for years. We would love the opportunity to reface you fireplace

Our Oakland County Mi fireplace experts, can help you build,  reface or install and insert into any fireplace. We have worked hard to  earn a reputation for quality masonry construction and fireplace service and look forward to showing you it is well deserved. When it comes to fireplace repair, and fireplace service our quality cant be beat. During fireplace  construction proper technique is critical. Failure to build the firebox  correctly  and improper smoke shelf construction can lead to smoke not venting out of the chimney. This improper fireplace chimney venting can even cause smoke to vent into the house or fires not to burn properly.  With Michigan Fireplace you can safely rest knowing your fireplace will not only be danger free but it will be beautiful. 

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Having a properly built fireplace is essential to ensure proper smoke ventilation when having a fire in your home. We are Michigan fireplace experts who specialize in the building of fireplaces, fireplace re-facing, and fireplace repair for years in Oakland County, MI.

We can help you create a warming environment with our properly constructed masonry fireplaces. During Michigan’s cold winters having a fireplace that is built correctly is critical. We can supply a specialized fireplace contractor for your fireplace needs.
Need a Michigan fireplace insert? We can supply a specialized fireplace contractor for your Michigan fireplace insert.