Fixing a chimney draft

A chimney damper is the valve that
A great way to solve this is to install a new top mount damper. These top mount dampers have a rubber gasket which seals. They are installed on the top of the flue liner and a chain is laying down the length of the flue tiles into the fire box where it is bolted into place. This is a much more cost effective solution than rebuilding the chimney or fireplace in order to install a new traditional damper in addition to being more cost effective top mount dampers are more energy efficient. Call today to have one of our chimney sweeps or inspectors provide you a quote on installing a top mount damper

 A fireplace damper opens and closes allowing smoke to escape up through the chimney flue tiles and out of the house. Over time and with age these dampers can become rusted out or rusted shut completely. Regardless this makes having a fire either impossible or allows a cold air drive to come down through your chimney and into your home.  The chimney and fireplace are designed to be a source of heat not a source of a cold draft coming into your house.